Location: Tobago Cays

With great anticipation and a little trepidation Argo upped anchor in Bequia and headed for the Tobago Cays. Our morning started at the usual with 07:00 wake ups and 07:30 man-cakes (really big pancakes) followed by a lightning fast passage prep. We headed out of Admiralty Bay enough to set sails. Soon the main was off and we were heading down to the Cays on a gentle but, fast broad reach. On the passage we worked our way through our first strong currents of the trip with a 2 plus knot current working against us. Mid way through the very hot passage Tommy and the fishing team rigged our new fishing pole up. We have had many fish on the hand lines, but to date have only landed one. This has to change! Hopefully the rod will do the trick. While the installation was taking place a huge pod of large dolphins came over to Argo. There had to have been more than 200. They danced playfully on our bow wave for a short period and then poof they were gone. I think that we were going in the wrong direction and they just stopped their journey long enough to come over and say Hi. The entrance into the Tobago Cays can be very treacherous so our PSCT crew worked hard on the passage plan. To help guide Argo in we hoisted Casey up to the second spreaders of the foremast in the bosuns seat so that he could have a birds eye view of surrounding reefs and assure that we don’t get off of our course. Ben did a great job working the visual clearing bearings and brought us cleanly all the way into the Cays. With two hooks down we can now truly enjoy our paradise at anchor. Wild Cat out.