Location: Bequia

Today started off as usual aboard Argo. Cooks were up early making us food and it was bright, sunny, and clear. At 0730 sharp we had breakfast. It consisted of egg, cheese, and bacon sandwiches. Of course we had tomatoes for those crazy vegetarians. After breakfast we cleaned up had some OC-Casey time with geological oceanography. We learned more about plate tectonics and exactly where these islands were visiting really come from. After class, everyone got ready for the day. Non-divers were sent to shore, however most stayed behind to polish up (actually start) their essays. The second group of divers left for the wreck at 1000, along with me. The wreck was pretty fascinating. All kinds of amazing life was all around the sunken tug-boat. After we got back, we did a switcheroo. We took those who wanted to eat on shore to shore, and those who wanted to eat aboard, onboard. After lunch we had our work cut out for us. We needed to fix our mainsail. It had ripped earlier on the trip, and it was time to sew it back together. Steve (Wildcat), Leah, Ella, and others worked all afternoon to ensure our sail was repaired. It looks great! During this time, the third group of divers came back at 1400. Everyone was back onboard at 1600 and we started passage prep for our journey to Tobago Cays. Other projects that happened onboard include pumping out the bilge with a drill pump and fixing the stereo system in the salon so both speakers work. Both missions were successful. Next was dinner. BBQ chicken, corn and coleslaw. MmmMmm good. We even had BBQ Pringles with BBQ sauce of them. Talk about overkill. Now we are cleaning up from our delicious meal and getting ready for OC-Faloon. Hope everyone got their papers done. Malcolm out.