Location: Bequia

Ahoy mateys it’s cyber Space Crewman Chris here trying my hand at being skipper on a beautiful day in Bequia. The day started out as any other with a 7:15 wake up call and 7:30 breakfast . After feasting on some cereal, and grapefruit (which we have a ton of after pillaging Dominica ) we started clean up and preparations for our knowledge Reviews and Oceanography class . Today we went over the wonders of wreck diving : all the dos ,and dont’s, cant’s, and wont’s . This was important because a lucky few were going to get to go diving on a wreck today , while the rest of us got to explore the island of Bequia, but first we had to learn about ocean geology, the wonders of plate tectonics and the internal makeup of the earth. After we became experts on the ocean floor we set out to learn a little about one of the sea’s most peaceful and important creatures, Sea Turtles. Our teacher for this was the colorful character known simply as Brother King . He is a kind old man who after a lifetime of making his living hunting Sea Turtles he decided to try and save the species that he saw being decimated before his very eyes . He told us of the many important purposes sea turtles play in the ocean mainly feeding on coral killing algae and swimmer stinging Jellies. After we learned all about the gentle guardians of the sea and what this one man was doing to save a species, we set off in search of more adventure, but mainly lunch . Most of us decided to try, and taste the local cuisine, and went around the town searching for food; some chose pizza, some chose rotis, but we all chose something delicious . After lunch those who were diving today went back to Argo to setup their dive gear, and go over the dive plan. The rest of us explored Bequia, finding little shops and stands full of souvenirs. We all came back to the boat, and we were elated to see that our laundry that we had sent out this morning had come back freshly dried and warm . After we unloaded our clean clothes the crew was visited by another one of the Caribbeans many characters , Willie the whale man. Like Pancho ,and Sea Cat Willie had something unique to show us and give us; not a boiling lake, or amazing fruit tour, but something just as interesting and rare, whale bone jewelry. We scoured his wares each of us finding our own little memento . After he packed up all his jewelery it was about time for dinner. Delicious pasta and sauce courtesy of Capn Wildcat, and Jake . Now it is time for our first MTE Nav Master course. Following will be some cram time because we all have our second marine bio paper due tomorrow night and in the excitement of the last few days some of us have forgotten to start, but that is just half the fun of living aboard Argo. One minute your hacking your way through the rainforest, and the next your hacking your way through your paper all in days work for an Argonaut . Signing Off Chris Monkey Wrench Atkin