Location: Bequia

Finally the job wheel has almost completed one full rotation placing my name back at the top under skipper. Everyone on board has tried every job and so far we haven’t sunk Argo. As a reward the sea gods decided to smile upon us as we crossed from Jalouise Bay to Bequia. The morning started bright and early at 7 AM with an all hands raising of all the sails. Our first good omen came in the form of dwarf spinner dolphins which decided to grace our bow with their flips, pirouettes, and majestic moves. Watch Team 2 took over the deck and had a ripping good sail. They managed to hit 11 knots which for Argo is flying. Right before lunch Watch Team 3 took over and continued to benefit from the gusting wind, bright sun, and rolling sea. Lunch was chicken salad and before we knew it we could see our anchorage. Captain Steve ranked the sail as top ten in his time so you know it was one for the record books. Unfortunately we also had to take our first exam as soon as we anchored. Down came the sails and out came the pens. Our marine biology exam was not a walk in the park, but we all powered through. Sails were flaked and covered, and then swim time began. As the boys continue to try and outdo each other doing back flips off the bow, the girls focus on showering. Dinner was a fantastic mac and cheese. Then once again the sea gods smiled upon us and the staff decided to give us an impromptu night out in Bequia. Most of us loaded into dinghies and rode over to Whale Boner Bar where we socialized and played dominoes. Others of us ventured farther down the shore in search of food, fun places, and music. As we waited for the dinghies rides back the storm which had been hiding all day finally found us and soaked us through. So exhausted, full, happy, and wet we returned to our home to sleep and anticipate the next day.