Location: Avatui Harbour, Rarotonga

Today was an early morning for me. I had the 6:00am to 7:00am watch. I knew it was going to be a rough watch, when my first sight after waking up was Frankie wearing her bright red foul weather gear. After spending my first hour awake in the rain, the french toast for breakfast was a beautiful sight. Next on the agenda was Marine Biology. We learned about jawless fish, sharks, rays and skates. During class we were graced with a video of Sand Tiger Sharks practicing cannibalism inside their mothers womb. After class the people who didn’t go to town got to see the arrival of a new neighbor in Avatui Harbour. The boats name is the Picton Castle. It is a huge 3 mast sailing yacht. It was converted to a sailing ship from a minesweeper around 15 years ago. The Picton Castle is a training vessel that also transports cargo and people. Immediately after the rain slowed down and the Picton Castle finished docking the most vibrant rainbow I have ever seen in my life formed in the mountains of Rarotonga. It was truly a beautiful sight you could clearly see ever color from red to violet. It was a sight that made all the rain we endured worth it. Because no matter what the weather is like here we are still in tropical paradise. We are a lucky group because few people get to experience what we are experiencing. So who cares if it rains every now and then.