Location: Avatui Harbour, Rarotonga

Today was day four on Rarotonga. We had planned a hike to the top of one of the peaks on the island, but the weather when we woke up consisted of strong winds and rain. Needless to say, we postponed our hike until tomorrow. Despite the foul weather, some of us still decided to go out. We did not have any class today, and it was a night out, so everyone was in an especially good mood. The Picton Castle, the three-mast sailing yacht that pulled in a day ago, offered to give us a tour of their boat. After seeing the living arrangements with which the sailors on the Picton deal with, many of us found a new appreciation for the bunks on Argo. The night ended with dinner at Trader Jacks, a local restaurant and bar. It was a great way to end the day and say farewell to Rarotonga. The beauty of this island is something none of us will ever forget. Miss you, mom, dad, and Syd!