Location: Phuket

Today I woke up early, excited for our first race in the King’s Cup. I came on deck early, at 6:15 am, to find Xander in his racing shirt and gloves, inspecting the mainsheet and pacing around the cockpit. Although we weren’t all as antsy as Xander, the group’s energy was definitely high. As the gusty winds blew our breakfast cereal all over the deck, we could tell it was going to be a good race (and it was). The course was long – about 30 miles, 4 hours – and around a bunch of islands. From the starting line, we pulled in front of our competition, gained ground, and then completely lost them in our bubbly wake. Winds were strong – at points, we were flying at almost 11 knots with all six sails full. We ended up beasting the competition by 30 minutes, whooeee! Now we get to pretend to study for finals while praying for more wind tomorrow.