Location: Dominica

Dominica continues to impress all of the Ocean Star crew. Yesterday’s hike to the Boiling Lake was amazing. I felt like surely we had experienced the best that Dominica had to offer. It was not long before I shook hands with an eccentric tour guide known to me only as “Sea Cat,” that I quickly realized that in fact the opposite was true. Sea Cat seemed to know everyone on the island; it was this that made a tour with Sea Cat so special. All along the way locals shouted hello as Sea Cat explained the local culture and history of Dominica. The highlight of the day must have been the fruit! Sea Cat, utilizing his seemingly endless popularity was able to flood our taste buds with every type of fresh island produce available including, but not limited to: coconut, apricot, bread fruit, passion fruit, guava, mango, banana, lime, sea grapes, pineapple, papaya, avocado, mint, cinnamon, sugar cane, cashews, and bay leaves. Not to mention the freshly roasted coco beans turned into home made milk chocolate! After our stomachs were full there was but one more stop on the tour de Dominica, a beautiful waterfall named Emerald Pool. However much I wish I could express what it was like, I simply can’t, so look at the pictures. The day was brought to an end with a nice surprise dinner on shore. I must say the mahi mahi was amazing!