Location: Bandos Resort, Maldives

We got back into classes this morning with a nautical science class on tides, followed by a marine science class where we talked about dangerous marine animals and what not to touch underwater. We had a guest today, Guy Stevens, a marine biologist who works at a local resort and has been studying manta rays in the Maldives for the last five years. He arrived right at lunchtime, and as soon as he arrived, we raised the anchor to move to the West side of the atoll, where mantas are quite abundant at this time of year. We had Keely, Tommy, and Andrea up in the rig watching for reefs during our motor over and didn’t have any problems spotting shallow areas, which were bright turquoise in the midday sun. We arrived at Rasfari island around 3 pm, and several of us went snorkeling and swimming in the shallow clear water by the island. Guy gave us a talk on manta rays and his research in the Maldives, and tomorrow we’ll jump in the water and hopefully dive with the mantas!