Location: Bandos Resort, Maldives

Today began well. Breakfast did indeed break the fast, and a flurry of activities erupted afterward. After cleanup, we dove into boat appreciation with a gusto rarely seen before on the face of this wide earth. Then, with Argo sparkling, some of us went to the small resort island near which we are anchored. I was among them, and after we ate, we wandered about on our own accord, while those still onboard presumably did whatever they did. A few hours later, we took turns sailing small catamarans. It was most enjoyable, and after that, it was back to Argo to get ready for a night out. Laughter was the theme of the outing. It has been a most enjoyable Valentine’s Day.

Faithfully yours, Abbey.

P.S. for those curious: my monkey bite has cleared up well.