Location: Underway to Bali

At twelve, my watch team storms the cockpit to take over and relieve watch team three. We did this with style. We had a set of battery-powered speakers, and we were jamming out to watch team one theme song called ‘Thunder Struck.’ It was risky. It had never been done before. It turns out the speakers were not loud enough, but it was still a great success. Then our fabulous watch leader Kate told us that we needed to be training for the Argo Olympics, which consisted of us chugging water, which can hold the best heading, etc. So we were pumped, our watch was now over, and we went to bed. Around lunch, we were eating then we started getting briefed on the day. Soon we learned the Argo Olympics were postponed because of we students having too much academic studying to do. So we were happy and sad all at the same time. So it was just a regular passage day, which consisted of people going to classes, working on papers, and going to sleep.