Location: 19 07.94'S 154 36.32'E

I started the day off with a high energy 8-12 watch. Today we started to prep the boat for our arrival in Australia in under three days. We re-coiled the lines in the line locker, cleaned the starboard deck box, sponged out the water in the forward scuttle, and inventoried all the food under the benches in the salon. After lunch, we had oceanography class and our Australia presentation so that we know what to expect when we get to the land down under. Everyone is excited and sad to get to Australia as this will be our last major passage before the end of the trip, but we will get to see kangaroos when we get there. Then after dinner cleanups, we had a talent show. Everyone got up to perform a talent. We had singing, interpretive dancing, a news channel report, and found out how many peanuts Trey could fit in his mouth (it was 155). On watch, we saw a couple of huge 210+ meter long tankers, and we sang to some ukulele songs. We are loving our last long passage on Argo.

P.S. Hi family!! We have been away from civilization for a while, and I just wanted to say that everything is going great! Weather is good, and were speeding to Australia. Miss you all and Ill see you soon!!