Location: Underway to Bonifacio, Corsica

A shimmering sun rose distantly in the crisp morning hours on our final day in Sardinia. The winds were kind in the morning. Some luxuries you don’t expect to miss on your life aboard – pastries and cereal for breakfast are one of them. The crew was elatedto wake up to this. We ate to our heart’s content over some lively sunrise chatter. After breakfast, when all were nourished, we prepared to depart. The winds grew strong and fearsome. Regardless, we assembled to sail off the anchor. We had practiced this the day prior but in far less than gale force conditions. Through some miraculous bout of teamwork, luck, or both, the problematic maneuver went off without a hitch. We were underway! For the first time in a week, we felt as if we were genuinely sailing. As the sea grew angrier, the crew got tougher.Ten-foot waves battered the bow and soaked us to the bone. Aric braved the bowsprit and was nearly toppled by a wall of water. Others suffered similar hardships. The raw power of the ocean became evident to every single person aboard today. After a grueling three hours, we reached port in Bonifacio. Docking Argo presented its own set of challenges, but finally, the boat fell steady. The crew had no time to rest, however. The same winds that had propelled us here continued to whip above our heads. As I type this, almost two hours after tying off, the vessel remains a blizzard of responsibility. There are sails to tie, ropes to coil, and decks to scrub. The salt has layered itself on any surface it could find, including the faces of our crew.

Pictured: An example of the waves we encountered during our afternoon passage; a group photo in the cockpit; Jake and Jonas at the bow.