Location: Bonifacio/Underway to Barcelona

This morning dawned bright and early for some of us who chose to go on an optional sunrise breakfast hike with Amy, Amanda, Tim, and Smash. There were beautiful views of cliffs, crashing waves, and a picturesque lighthouse, as well as tasty and delicious breakfast bars baked with love by Amy. The rest of us (including myself) got to sleep in a little bit and then enjoy an optional breakfast ashore. After a bit of passage prep, we were ready to depart Banofacio for Barcelona. With solemn hearts, we left the towering limestone cliffs of Bonafacio. Waves crashed upon the rock walls, whitecaps waving goodbye. Out on the ocean, out of view of the islands, we attempted to learn how to navigate the way our ancestors did, with charts and compasses to guide our way. Our seamanship class was cut short, unfortunately, as a majority of our stomachs were rolling as much as the Mediterranean. The same went for oceanography class as we did not have our sea legs. Many of us had adapted by the time our night watches rolled around, making getting up in the early hours of the morning slightly less taxing. As we sailed onward into the vast blue horizon, the sun rose in a starburst of crimson hues. Destination: Barcelona.

Pictured: the beautiful sights from the sunrise hike this morning, and the view of the Bonifacio cliffs upon our departure.