Location: Underway to Barcelona

There’s something really nice about sticking your head out of the companionway for the first time in the morning. Aside from escaping the ever-present smell of BO, I got to look out at sea and realize that I was about to live another epic day in the Med sailing with 25 other kids. Truly I could not get over that. This glorious moment was interrupted as I remembered that I was still a newbie landlubber, and I staggered to my seat with all the grace of a near-sighted hippopotamus with a hangover. Considering the large swells, Argo was rolling over. There was a lot of staggering done by the crew and me.
As far as sailing days go, this one was quite relaxed, a welcome rest after spending hours yesterday watching people vomit over the side of Argo. We had two classes down in the Salon, Marine Bio and Oceanography. They were both fascinating subjects taught by excellent teachers, but that didn’t stop our eyes from drooping and our heads from nodding. At night, I can barely sleep for all the bouncing and rolling we’re doing, but during the day, the soporific rocking of the waves puts me right to sleep. Most of the crew napped after that while the rest of us took some much-needed showers. After a cold shower, I galumphed onto the deck where I had bow watch with Emmalee, a crew member of whom the only thing brighter than her smile is her heart. The soup we had left a little to be desired (chef’s words), but it reminded me of home, and that was nice (no offense, mom). The sunset was absolutely serene, and I was filled with a sense of peace that I think the rest of the crew felt as well. All in all, it was a wonderful day.
Hello to all of my family. I love and miss you guys!

Pictured: (First) The aftermath of another awesome sunset, (Second) The amazing Amanda doing amazing Helm things, (Third) Action shot of Jonas and Dan cleaning in the galley.

Current Position:
41*27.32 N
05*15.62 E