Location: Barcelona, Spain

Yesterday evening the weather report looked like the wind would slack off, and we would have a calm, slow night on our way to Barcelona. My watch team went off to bed in preparation for our 4 am watch. Around 11 pm, most of us started waking up to the rocking and rolling of Argo obviously in heavy winds- the opposite of what was predicted! This led to another exciting night under sail for all of us. There were times when the wind was blowing 40 knots and higher, and our sailing speed was over 10 knots! These conditions were similar to our first night in heavy winds, but it was like we had a whole different crew on board. Instead of being wobbly and seasick, the crew was MUCH more confident, stable, and happy. My watch team played games like Contact, 20 Questions, and Eye Spy to pass the time and to entertain the helmsmen as they kept us steady through the wind and waves. Boat checks went much more smoothly, as everyone has gotten more comfortable with all the things they need to inspect carefully. It was still splashy and rough, but morale was high, and we realized that we would reach Barcelona a full day early based on the speeds we sailed at throughout the night. The wind calmed way down by lunchtime, and we enjoyed a calm and sunny afternoon. We reached our anchorage a little after lunch. We cleaned and tidied on deck as well as in the cabins, which were all a bit jumbled after our windy night. Then we enjoyed a tasty dinner and a relaxed evening. Currently, a bunch of students is having a movie night in the salon, and the rest of us are getting cozy in bed for sleep.

Pictured: sunset at our anchorage in Barcelona; the Argo crew is working hard on after-dinner cleanup.

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