Location: Barcelona, Spain

Hello, fellow parents and others that are reading this. This morning for breakfast, we got to have chocolate cake (and yogurt), and it was delicious, but don’t worry, we are generally eating healthy! Once we finished breakfast, we were going to dock, but then saw that the area that they wanted us to anchor at was so small that we couldn’t. So we had to wait around in the harbor for about a half an hour until they found us a new spot to dock at. The new place they found for us is next to all the superyachts, and even though Argo is big, we just do not compare to all the yachts around us. After we were able to dock, we cleaned Argo from bottom to top, not leaving one speck of dust or salt anywhere. When we were done with cleaning, we were able to get some shore time in Barcelona. While some people wanted to explore the city, others wanted to get some clean clothes and to smell like they have spent 21 days on a boat. For dinner, we had chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and salad. See, I told you we are eating healthy! But, after dinner, we had the squeeze, and my question was, “What is your dream job?”. There was a whole variety of ideas from being an actor or producer to being able to study alien plants. I am excited for tomorrow to explore Barcelona, and I can’t wait for what is next on this trip!

Pictured: View of a carnival from the stern of Argo; Peter, Lex, and Sydney serving themselves lunch onboard; dishy crew cleaning up after our meal; and Dan in an especially funny outfit preparing to play his banjo for us.