Location: Tobago Cays, St. Vincent

Happy Saturday, everyone, or happy daylight savings if you are reading this on Sunday! I woke up the crew this morning with a great mix of Tom Petty, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen (you may be noticing a bit of a pattern with the Tom Petty!). We enjoyed biscuits with gravy for breakfast and headed back below deck for our first class of the day, Oceanography. Celia taught us about El Nio and La Nia patterns, and the rest of the class was all about ocean currents and the circulation of water. Did you know that it takes 1,000 years for a drop of water to make it all the way around the globe?!

After Oceanography, it was time for Seamanship. We are now into the “Navigation Master” section of the class, and let’s just say that the level of difficulty of the class has escalated quickly… for me at least! We had a review quiz and then learned about the difference between true north, magnetic north, and compass north. No, they are NOT all the same. Understanding how to convert back and forth between the three was a bit confusing at first, but Brahm had some great acronyms to give us direction.

After sandwiches for lunch, everyone was excited for some free time. Some people relaxed in the sun or watched movies while others went snorkeling. Countless turtles were seen today, and the colors of the water here will never get old!!

Three big pans of stir fry were devoured for dinner before my squeeze question of the day, which was, “What is a song that you absolutely hate?” As we went around the circle, answers ranged from the entire Hamilton album to Friday by Rebecca Black, to Eye of the Tiger, to Mary Did You Know by the Pentatonix. Someone suggested that we should make a playlist of everyone’s least favorite songs. That didn’t take long. As soon as cleanup started, Call Me Maybe started BLASTING on the speakers!!! Most people walked away laughing. Maybe some feelings were hurt. But hey, it’s day 37….. it’s time to shake it up!

With more free time after dinner, we will hopefully get some work done, and then it’s lights out!

That’s all for now! I am looking forward to writing to you again on day 55! I miss everyone at home, and I can’t wait to see you!!! Love, Katie

1) Henry and a turtle! Nice shot, Liam!!!
2) Meg the mermaid enjoying the beautiful blue water
3) Keaton and Addisen jumping in for some snorkeling
4) Meg, Erin, and Keaton, working together to clean the deck
5) Julian (and an exhausted Johnny) sending up stirfry for dinner
6) Celia, Chris, and Max before dinner
7) Max!
8) Meg and Keaton
9) Brahm fixing “something important” this morning
10) Super Cool Swimsuit Saturday!!!!
11) Keaton, Meg, Celia
12) Celia presenting
13) Dishy pit crew having fun…. well, maybe just Max and Grady
14) Henry and Noah
15) Meg and Celia enjoying the view of the Island where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed
16) Group photo from the BBQ last night
17) Celia, me, and Meg
18) Henry, after hiking for a view
19) Liam hard at work!!