Location: Bequia

This rainy caribbean morning started off with a Marine Biology fish i.d quiz in preparation for some reef check work when we arrive in St Lucia. Next stop, courtesy of Fat man and his open top taxi, was the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, privately run by Brother King and his collection of farm yard animals. Old Hegg is far from just an ordinary home for endangered turtles. Whilst many shipmates today embarked on today’s trip thinking they would come away with a little more knowledge relating to Marine Life, it was clearly evident that everyone walked away from Old Hegg and brother king with a profound sense of humbleness. This man has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to collecting eggs, hatching them and nurturing baby turtles until they are fit to return into their natural habitat vastly increasing their previously slim chances of survival. Sitting down and listening to his stories and and seeing that sparkle and passion in his eyes puts the world around us into perspective. The remainder of the day was spent ashore browsing the markets and many boutiques Bequia has to offer before sitting down to a homemade spaghetti supper.