Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

So the day has been pretty relaxed day on Bequia. We arrived last night and in preparation for my day as skipper I tried to make a conch horn to awaken the crew but my plan was accidentally foiled by the secretly evil first mate. I was awakened in the morning by the head chef Ryan. I woke the crew and started the day with lemon poppy seed muffins and cereal. The crew was glad to hear we would be free once we received our morning doses of oceanography and marine biology. We weaved our way through the difficult task of staying awake through a slew of information laden power point presentations and escaped groggy our life force sapped. The rays of the sun and the thoughts of exploring a new island revitalized our tattered spirits. People were off like a flash as soon as we arrived. The internet and boyfriend having people went straight for the daily quota of internet interactions, while others shopped and looked at the supposedly local trinkets. I find that the islands generally sell the same souvenirs, but Bequia had something interesting to offer. With the islands history of whaling they had whale bone knives and teeth. I had never seen anything like it so I was rather intrigued. I spent my day looking for a sweet (and cheap), Hawaiian shirt (why not) and hanging at the beach, eating rum cake and other delicious baked goods. The days events blurred together into a mass of relaxation, reflection, and righteously kickassedness. Then 4:30 rolled along, the responsibility of being skipper kicked back in and the daily grind of duties and dinner continued. With some much needed motivation (for the sluggish crew) we completed our duties and prepared for a night at The Whaleboner.