Location: Emerald Bay, Bequia

Today was a long but rewarding day. We prepared to sail immediately after breakfast and departed from Mayreau early to arrive in Bequia at a decent hour. During bow watch, Shanley pointed out a small pod of dolphins to a few of us. We haven’t seen many dolphins so far, so it’s always a big thrill to catch a glimpse of them. They swim at lightning speeds, dancing around the front of the ship, then suddenly disappearing into the endless sea. We arrived in Bequia in the afternoon and were excited to find that this island is much more populated than the places we’ve been in the past week or so- we could smell the Wifi from a mile away. The bay where we are anchored is pretty crowded with all sorts of sailboats, some of them much larger and as classic-looking as Ocean Star. One ship here is emerald green and is over 150 feet long. This barque rigged ship even has green sails and it is definitely my favorite sailboat so far. My shipmates were quite pleased to notice that we have anchored next to a Swedish ship that is filled with students (but not me of course, I love you Marshall! :D). Rumor has it that we are having a night out soon, so hopefully we’ll get to socialize with some people our age. To show up the rusty ships around us, we all partook in a large boat-appreciation in the late afternoon until dinner. It took a lot of elbow grease, but Ocean Star is sparkly clean, which made us feel satisfied with our day’s work. Now everyone is studying for our second Oceanography quiz tonight. Wish us luck!