Location: Mayreau

Oh the Carib feel Embracing to the point of skin peel Fleeting like Ocean Star’s keel Or time within the Tobago Key’s– for real The pace of Mayreau is as slow as The main sheet is tight and As trife as the crew’s night life I’m always right, So when you see us sailing You know we mean business It’s either that, or we relaxin’ Straight up enjoyin’ the realness Of our Seamester blessin’, my appreciation for that Is something settled over a squeeze question. And whether it be hiking in Greneda Or wind surfin’, I will be there Always down to jump off the seventh ratline In our beds we churn Yet a 7am, we get up to get the worm And ready to lead, learnin’, gettin’ ready To pass victory on to my seed So these tests tomorrow I’m going to slay em’ And it brings sorrow That this fun is over But hell, I did well Signin’ out Heavy Beats