Location: Tobago Cays

The morning started with 6:30 in the morning scuba dive in the Tobago Cays – what could be better? The dive was for those who had not gotten the chance to go yesterday and to get that one step closer to getting their advanced open water diving certificate. It was beautiful surfacing to the light of the morning sun, and I felt more awake before breakfast than I have in a while. The day was generally relaxed , we started off with a Marine Bio class in AM, then the rest of the day was ours to explore the islands. Most people took this time to get their research for their research projects done whether that be looking through reef books or going for a snorkel with charts and pencils to write underwater. Studying the diversity of fish in varying depths of water, my research group went to what we now call “turtle island” after discovering massive packs of turtles there. Upon our return, we had lunch in the sunshine and the girls decided to go to “Pirate Island” (we called this island after The Pirates of the Caribbean’s first movie, – a scene was shot there with Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan where they were marooned on the island and dancing around a fire). The Park Rangers of Tobago Cays took us to and from the island, and we were extremely pleased to discover that the island was ours alone – no one else was there but us! This called for dancing around in the white sand, attempting to shake the dangling coconuts off the palm trees and getting a chance to tan. After lying in the sun on what had to be the epitome of paradise, we returned to Ocean Star. Dinner was delicious; pasta night is always my favorite (thanks Annie and Kris!), and to top it off the rest of the night we had free to work, play games or just get a head start on sleep. ZZzzz