Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Today started high in energy with some sugary and delicious churros Tina made for breakfast. Some of us woke up early and headed to shore for an early morning mass. The church had a lively Caribbean atmosphere with traditional music. After cleanup, the rest of us got ready to head to shore and visit The Old Hegg turtle sanctuary. We had a fun ride to the sanctuary in the back of a truck taxi while the taxi driver blasted music. Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary and admiring the turtles, we went outside and enjoyed the other animals roaming around. The crew and staff always fonds over cute puppies and baby goats everywhere we go playing with them for the remainder of the time at The Old Hegg turtle sanctuary before we were picked up. After finally catching a ride back into town, most of us went to a cute restaurant overlooking the marina where I had a delicious cheeseburger. Shortly after that, Miranda and I caught a ride back to the boat, where we enjoyed a leisurely saltwater shower and swim while the rest of us enjoyed a few more hours of shore time exploring. The day ended with some delicious chicken curry and Marine Biology class taught by the man himself– Steve.