Location: Les Saintes

The staff had an early morning to get Argo moving as we said goodbye to Dominica and started our quick passage over to Les Saintes. We dropped the mooring lines and followed the coast of Dominica for as long as we could, as we weren’t quite ready to leave that beautiful place. The students enjoyed my morning playlist of Xavier Rudd, Noah Kahan, and the like for wake-ups at 7, and we all enjoyed the banana bread (round 2) made by our head chef MG. After a speedy cleanup, the students all gathered in the salon for one of the last exams of the semester-my Oceanography final!! So far, everyone has done great! This group has been incredible to have in the classroom/salon and go on this oceanographic adventure with me.
After the exam, the rest of the morning was relaxed, and we were just coming into Les Saintes when lunch was served. We had a very active time dodging some fishing buoys (great helming on Amanda Cole’s part!). After the sails were down and clean up was over, Amanda introduced a concluding aspect to our program: the cards. As we enter the final days, we have asked the students to write a card to everyone on the boat to tell them all the wonderful things they think of them. This is a GXG tradition that happens at the end of every trip (I personally have all of mine with me here – starting from when I was a student in 2015!) and is a very special keepsake from the people that you just went on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure with.
With cards tucked away for future thought, we jumped into the water for more rescue skills! There were (pretend) screams and (real) laughs, and a lot was learned. Our rescue class had a great but exhausting time being rescuers and victims. MG even found a SEAHORSE! Very jealous.
After everyone was thoroughly rescued, Nat, Elene, and I jumped back in the water for some more divemaster skills (thanks, Elene, for being Nat’s student!).
For dinner, the galley crew (MG, David, and Freddie) cooked up some burgers and fries-yum! We had a lovely cotton candy sunset as the backdrop for a squeeze. Tonight’s question is near and dear to my heart; What is one of your favorite movie quotes or moments of all time? A tricky one for movie lovers to pick just one. Overall, a great day here on Argo, starting in one country and ending in another. With only a week left, everyone is getting very sentimental but excited to share all of these memories with you all back home.

***Shout out to my family. Love you so much and can’t wait to chat soon***