Location: Bolifushi

Hi everyone!

Today’s events started last night when a (super quick) squall hit right before cleanup, and a bunch of us ran outside in our foulies. We showered our fellow students and staff with rain chants and dances, hoping for more rain and a reason to wear our foulies. The closest we got to more rain was showers from our wonderful bosun with the hose.

Today has been a day full of chill, beginning with the latest wake-up call yet: 9:00. Almost unheard of, and most people didn’t make it that long. I was up early and joined by the other early birds for a relaxing morning of coffee and oatmeal. Afterward, we had a meditation sesh with Chill Master Robbie (aka Chef Master Robbie). He brought us off the boat and into a mountain range far away, creating the first and probably last moments on the boat of complete silence. After meditation, we got underway to South Male. We all had free time–which some of us chose to be productive and write Amy’s marine biology paper due in a couple of days. However, most of us took the free time to hang out together or sunbathe or read (basically anything to put off writing said paper). After a stir fry lunch and arrival to our new anchorage, the certified divers went for a dive.

The kitchen was full tonight at dinner time, with double the amount of people normally cooking, so excited to help make pizza. Sam and I were designated taste testers and sauce makers. The pizza was amazing thanks to the real chef’s – Cate, Henry, and Noah, and Dylan, the breadmaker. After dinner, brownies were served, and all plates were all but licked clean.

(Hi mom and dad!)



Photo 1: Captain Tom and Emily shoving the last of the noodles into their mouths when the pizza was all gone

Photo 2: Foulies party!

Photo 3: Trey joining free time on the deck after hitting his head on the salon hatch

Photo 4: Cate and Dylan hand-making the pizza dough

Photo 5: Myra and Zack with the finished pizzas (obviously frothing for dinner)