Location: Velassaru Flhu

Today started with a delicious pancake breakfast made by chefs Robbie Max and Shonna. After full on pancakes dive group one (Mads, Max, Emily,Noah, Cate, Carly, Mo) set off for the first dive of the day. While the others stayed doing homework in the Galley. Study breaks where filled with many visits to the bow, listening to music and frequent chess games.When the first dive group returned we all chowed down on a lunch, followed by all the clean up antiques. Then dive group two (Bee, Luca, Val, Henry, Dylan, Gillian) set off for the second dive of the day.

Once the boat was quite after the dive group two departed the provisions boat arrived, it was a hustle to pass boxes down the gofer hole unpack food and count the all that we received. the Galley went from zero to a hundred really quick, Mads and mo where packing the many beans under the beds while Finley stacked an impressive amount of pasta under his bed. we where all franticly counting apples oranges potatoes lots and lots of Pringle’s and screaming our counts at lovely Shonna (i don’t know how she kept up with us)

-When finished we celebrated with a fresh can of Pringle’s 🙂

When all the food was put away and the rush began to slow down we all settled down for a sunset while sam mo myra and tom finished up their PSET class where they where learning about star navigation with tom.The day ended with a super yummy and fresh meal thanks to all the fresh food we received today! :))

-Tomorrow we are all looking forward to welcoming our new crew members jess and smudge on board!!


1. Henry, Seth and Robbie

2. Carly and Sam

3.Gillian, Valintina, Finley, Cate and Myra

4. Candy floss sunset

5. Finley ladened down with noodles