Location: Road Town, Tortola

Today we woke up in Marina Key. After a hardy breakfast of bagels and hardboiled eggs, we headed toward a dive site called Coral Gardens on one of the Dog Islands. There we dove a plane crash that was very cool. We were able to swim in one end of the plane and out the other. There were corals and sponges growing all over the plane and a variety of fish that had made it their home. Some of the fish that I saw were grouper, barracudas, queen parrotfish, yellow jacks, angelfish, and many other reef fish that I should be able to name soon. Half of the crew dove the site before lunch while some of us snorkeled, read, and did flips off the boat, and the other half dove after lunch. I’ve been here for only a week and have already been scuba diving five times. Once we finished the dives and pulled up anchor, we motored to Road Town: the capital of Tortola and the BVIs (British Virgin Islands). We went into town for about an hour and made it back in time for an early evening rain. Tomorrow we sail to Spanish Town, stoked!