Location: Marina Cay

Yesterday I heard a few of the crew talking to each other, commenting on how unusually special their current situation is. Comments consisted of things like I get to dive into the ocean right now, and this is my classroom, and today we have to snorkel through mangroves, and that’s a lecture hall. The conversation made me smile as I watched the students come to understand just how fortunate they are and to really soak it in and appreciate it all. And they have only been here for a week! Staying with that concept today was another normal day for the crew, full of new wondrous experiences. The morning was spent with more sail handling as we jibed our way to our next dive site. The crew is getting more comfortable with handling lines and knowing their way around deck, skills that they showed off today during a pin rail race, and skills that they will need before we set off on passage down island. After dancing lessons with Ocean Star, we went to blow more bubbles. This dive was the first dive where after a few skills were done, they got to swim and explore around a bit. Schools of fish, coral, and even a swim-through had every student chattering away excitedly once back aboard. One week in and over ten more weeks to go, it’s going to be another amazing, unforgettable trip.