Location: Underway to St Helena

Waking up to Jordan Bellfort and having delicious pancakes from Tom afterward was a great start to the day. Around 8:30, we started to take positions and unhook from the dock. Freddy absolutely buttered us out of there, and we had sick views of Tabletop Mountain as we were leaving. Once we got out aways, we threw the sails up in pretty good time, and the seasickness started rolling in. Huge swells, with massive waves (EDITORS NOTE: the sea state is currently listed as slight, on a scale of smooth to slight to moderate to rough to very rough to phenomenal 🙂 ) have almost all of the students going through it right now. Connor is glad to say that he is the winner so far, coming in with an amazing 14 Yukes so far. During downtime, dolphins were swimming up and down a couple of feet from the boat. To tie the day all together, at dinner, we saw nine different whales, with some fully breaching and making huge splashes. Sunset was amazing and something that is indescribable. The squeeze question after dinner was what would win in a fight: a silverback gorilla or a grizzly bear. The landscape is just flat grassland with some medium-sized rocks and, of course, prison rules. The majority for this argument was the silverback, and if you think otherwise, you are simply just wrong. Overall a great day, and everyone is happy and thriving. (most of this was thought as I was leaning over the edge throwing up Poke bowl)