Location: Union Island to Tobago Cays

After a long windy night, we woke up and had breakfast. We did some boat appreciation while our Captain Kevin cleared customs for us. We then had free time ashore at Union Island which was great. It’s a small town with everything you really need. Then after we all had lunch on land before we headed back to the ship. We all watched and the girls helped clear their head (bathroom) because it had been clogged for a few days. The smell was pretty awful and we finally found out that someone had put too much toilet paper down the head. The smell eventually went away and we showered on the opposite side of the boat. We then got ready for dinner and it started to rain, so everyone had to hustle and get the food down below quickly. Our breakfast dinner was amazing and everyone cleaned up and geared up for their first oceanography quiz. Today was a very interesting day and I’m excited to do some windsurfing tomorrow, but boy do wish I had cell phone service to call a special someone.