Location: Les Saintes

As a sidenote, this is actually the second version of today’s blog. Last night the computer decided to shut down before my first draft was saved. Ironically, this happened to me 18 days ago when I wrote my first blog. So here is my second attempt to recreate what I wrote the night before. Today we started off at normal time, breakfast at 7:30, for the first time in a few days and then went right into consecutive OCE and MTE classes. During which we received our MTE midterms back. Everyone passed and we are all officially IYT certified sailors. After classes we ventured to shore and into a completely different culture. The saints are French islands, and thus are much different then the previous Caribbean islands that we have visited. The most glaring difference, other than the mass amounts of baguettes, is the lack of English as everyone speaks French. This made simple things like ordering lunch challenging for those of us who speak little to no French. After a few hours of immersion in French culture we came back to our American roots for an old-fashioned summertime thanksgiving feast aboard Ocean Star.