Location: St. Lucia

Today we woke up to a beautiful first morning in St. Lucia. The first thing I saw this morning as I came up on deck was the majestic Piton that we currently reside at the foot of. Our day today was nothing but fun. We started off with about an hour of boat appreciation to sexy up Ocean Star. Shortly after, at about 10, we departed for our island tour. Our first stop was the only drive in volcano in the world (no big deal), this was very cool to see and not to mention it smelt great, Sulphur! We were given a tour of the main part of the crater where the water was naturally heated. The most interesting thing I learned today was that the volcanic water here has healing properties. The next place we stopped at was the botanical gardens where they had countless species of plants. Very cool to see such a diversity. Next was my favorite part of the day, the hot springs. We relaxed underneath the warm waterfall and pools and also ate lunch. Soon after this we left and had a quick football session on the beach before we were picked up to go back to the boat. Now we are preparing to get taught a new card game from our fellow crew member Albert, who is the first of us, to give a presentation to the rest of crew for leadership class. Overall a pretty epic day!! setdate:2012-10-23