Location: Bequia to St. Lucia

Today started out better than most because we had a scrumptious breakfast of French toast. After our morning meal we prepped the boat for passage. We needed to get all prepared for passage and sailing by 9 a.m. I lead our crew to get it all done by 8:15 and the crew was very swift at all their jobs, due to the hearty meal in our bellies. We raised the sails and took off in the wind by 8:45. Great! We were ahead of schedule. We motored around the edge of the island and found the perfect angle of sail, just below a beam reach. We caught the wind and were averaging 6-7 knots. After my watch the crew and I were gifted with another one of Ryn’s delicious meals. It was an unbeatable homemade mac n’ cheese. Definitely the best meal on passage so far. As the crew was finishing clean up, I went into the laz to grab some more sails to put up for a spur of the moment MTE sailing class. With a captain Kevin’s guidance we raised the fisherman sail and flying jib. Now we were really sailing! We averaged about 8 knots the rest of the way, which is definitely the fastest we’ve sailed this whole trip. Those sails looked glorious and Ocean Star was looking like a true sailing monster flying through tater. After this great deal of excitement I was exhausted and went below deck to nap before my next watch. But the excitement did not end there because watch team two, or more specifically Matty and Matt, claimed they saw a whale as we were sailing along. Because of our amazing hard work and great teamwork, we arrived before our expected time. Overall it was an awesome day for sailing. But the day didn’t end there with the awesomeness. For the icing on the cake we watched a classic film called “Captain Ron” for our MTE class. A great way to end the day! setdate:2012-10-22