Location: Underway to Devil's Island

As usual, the day began bright and early for one Watch Team! Watch team 2 had the 12 to 4 shift today. MG and Zoe helmed the Argo away from a nearby squall, going off course. Towards the end of the watch, they began course correcting, heading straight for the squall. Tim of Watch Team 3 says he “is disappointed.” The rest of watch team 3 seems to share similar sentiments after they were forced into the squall. They were rewarded for enduring a drenched four-hour shift by a beautiful sunrise.

Watch Team 1 on the 8 to 12 shift caught a massive Wahoo fish, approximately 4/5 the length of one of me. Tim killed the fish and led the filleting efforts. This culminated in a delicious fish dinner.

As to classes today, we had Marine Biology, which was spent learning about various taxonomical groups of fishes and their distinctive traits. I spent most of Marine Biology in disgust after learning about Hagfishes and Lampreys. I would say don’t search the web for them, but I, too, am familiar with the vice of curiosity. So instead, I wish your mind a speedy recovery. Afterward, we had Seamanship class where we continued our quest to become Navigation Masters, learning how to correct for compass errors using a very funny acronym “True Vampires Make Dangerous Company” (True, Variation, Magnetic, Deviation, Compass).

After the events of yesterday, Freddie, our beloved captain, has declared that the Frog shall be sentenced to death on the account of mutiny. In truth, we have no way to provide food or adequate quality for our poor frog friend. May he rest in frog heaven. He was the best of us.

I wish you all well in all your future endeavors on behalf of your loved ones!

Til next time (which presumably we shall be in the northern hemisphere, and some of us will be less hairy),

Your source of information and skipper of the day,
Natalie of Many Places (none of which I feel like delving into on this blog)