Location: Motutiafai, Raiatea, French Polynesia

This beautiful day kicked off with anchoring at the island of Raiatea. After breakfast and putting away all of our dive gear from yesterday, we packed up our backpacks and hopped on the dinghies headed for shore. Once on the island, we made the journey from the marina to the main city on the island. Here we found food, local markets, pearl shops, and boutiques-the most civilization we’ve seen since Tahiti. We all elected to eat ashore, most of us at a local pizza restaurant, and some found other treats like ice cream, crepes, and Nutella drinks-yum. This island had a lot more to offer than the previous ones, so we spent most of our day exploring and meeting the locals. When we returned to Argo, we all scurried to jump in the ocean after a tiresome and dirty day exploring Raiatea. We had a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. After a swift clean up, we headed down to the saloon for our marine biology class. The open water diving students are now taking their quizzes, and the rest of us get to relax, we’re the lazy ones now, but they’ll be making fun of us soon enough when we get into our advanced class. Until then, we will continue to taunt them in our free time. I’m going to go enjoy that free time now – over and out.