Location: Mountain Point

Today we got up to a breakfast of french toast, and the Open Water divers went on a dive. While they dove, the rest of the crew went wakeboarding. After, it was the Open Water people’s time to go wakeboarding. Our first nautical science lesson was in the afternoon. Then there was an unexpected rainfall, so we all got our “product” out and lathered up for showers. We had veggie burgers for dinner, and the question of the day at the squeeze I asked was, “what would you be doing if you didn’t do Sea-mester, and why did you choose Sea-mester over it?” Everyone had a great answer, and I felt it really put into perspective what an amazing thing we are doing, rather than the rat race of work/school. After dinner, we had a slide show that showed us a lot of the cool fish we had been seeing and learned more about them. Tomorrow we get up and set sail for a new adventure, so keep reading to find out what it is!