Location: Mackay, Australia

Today we woke up at 4:00 am to take a bus to Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park to watch the sunrise with the wallabies on the beach. We watched the wallabies, and two eastern grey kangaroos eat and jump around. One of my favorite moments was seeing a joey inside its mother’s pouch. It was cold but definitely worth the early wakeup. We then all split off and explored the beach; some went hiking, lay on the beach, or played put out mini golf at 42 wallaby way. A group of us found a cave and got to see bats fly around, and then we hiked up to a beautiful lookout. I then passed out on the beach for 2 hours and got a nice sunburn.

When we got back to Argo, we had a nice kangaroo hot dog for lunch… ironic, right? Even our vegetarians tried some, because “when else will I be able to try a kangaroo?” Following lunch was marine bio, and then we had free time to go explore. Some people went into town and went shopping, while others hung around the marina and went to the beach. Tonight we have another leadership class where we will run around on the beach.

Love Mom and Dad cant wait to see you soon! PS. Thanks for moving all my junk up to college.