Location: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Starting the day a bit earlier than usual at 6:30, I got some very interesting reactions from people. Blake and Even spent a good ten minutes, half asleep talking about what they would name their cow. As the day proceeded dive group one left for the deep dive and wreck dive. At the same time, the remaining students went to visit the medical boat, Pacific Hope, providing free healthcare to people in remote areas of Vanuatu. It was very neat to see a larger boat like that, as well as hear about their mission and experiences. Those of us who dropped by the boat helped Carolyn and Lindsay unpack a massive quantity of fresh vegetables and fruit (including what looked like a whole banana tree) and other grocery store purchases. Later in the day, at three, we all met back on the dock for leadership class with Ian. We walked to a large field, and to begin; we were all put in a large circle. From there, Ian and Bryant proceeded to throw balls at us, trying to get us out. After the warm-up round, the game became about which team could last the longest. Over the course of two hours, we played various games, one of them capturing the flag. This was a bit more difficult than your usual game because it was a three-way game, meaning you had to capture two flags to win, but after about thirty minutes watch team, two proved to be the best by winning. After the long day, we all came back to the boat, the dive group that went diving shared about what they saw and the videos and pictures some people had taken. Overall, it was another great day living life to the fullest.