Location: Vela

Bulaa everyone!

It’s Kirstyn here, reporting live from passage day 5. Finally, my skipper day has come and I get to write the blog!
Last night was basically the start of our day as watch team one had the watch from midnight to 4 am. To kick things off during watch, we got the running backs switched over, which is my favorite part to do since I get to use Smash’s cool little mini-wrench. Fun fact she got it for Christmas, but she didn’t get the gift from under the tree because her parents told her she was too old for that. Sad day for Smash. Next, our midnight hunger kicked in, so Sierra and I went down to make ramen. Initially, it was a communal bowl for the watch team, but Sierra and I ended up having it all to ourselves. Then, Sierra was the bread-maker for the day, and she decided that she would make the bread at 2 am. So mid-watch, that’s what we went down to do. During bread-making, I think we missed some pretty interesting conversations going on between our watch team, which isn’t unusual. I would give a reference as to the conversation I walked into, but I think this one will have to stay off the blog. Back to Sierra and I baking bread for the day. It was a rollercoaster, to say the least. The waves were rocking us from side to side, and we were on the struggle bus trying to find ingredients. Long story short, the first batch was a fail, and Sierra had to stay up extra late to make the other batch. The watch team and I, on the other hand, hopped back in bed for the rest of the day ahead of us.

Second wake-up of the day! Before lunch, people were still getting their sleep in or busy working on homework. For lunch today, we were served grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. The chef team also brought back to life the messed up batch of bread from last night and made it into a delicious “dessert” bread for lunch. After lunch, we did our usual cleanup and got ready for marine bio class. In our little time to spare before class, we had nice conversations in the cock-pit, enjoying the waves and the sun. Sierra and I also enjoyed our little moment with our feet hanging off the boat, trying to catch the waves and feel the water. We had a good class with Ben, always learning new things. After class, we had study hall, which everyone was so thankful for. The day was basically filled with everyone trying to write their literature papers that were due tonight, in which we all so nicely procrastinated till the last minute. After hours of study hall, we got a good dinner by Romeo and the chef team. They made pasta with some veggies, and everyone enjoyed it. My squeeze question of the day was, what is one thing everyone took away from their hometown that they will always cherish. It was nice to hear everyone’s answers, especially because I think we all miss home some days.

A final wrap-up! Today seemed to be a more challenging day for everyone, but we helped each other get through it. Trying to get into the groove of passage still can be challenging. Everyone wishes they could get just a little more sleep or not deal with the rotten egg smell coming out of the bathrooms! Fingers crossed, it goes away soon. When the winds pick up, and you’re getting slammed into walls isn’t the best feeling, lol. I think we all have a few bruise marks to show. At the end of the day, we get to look into the beautiful night sky and count how many shooting stars we see. For a few laughs, we’ll see who can keep their balance the best or do pull-ups with the motion of the boat. That was a good one everyone got a laugh at last night trying to see me attempt it. But in the end, we make the best of what we can. Now I go to watch and see what the topic of the night will be. Until the next skipper day! Bula! 🙂
P.S. Hi to my family and friends. Thinking about ya’ll every day. I love you guys so much!
P.S. Margaret is awesome! (she didn’t tell me to put that) and she says hi to her family!