Location: Underway to St. Kitts

Today is a big day. A huge day. Today is the day that all of the students become real sailors. The sail training in the BVI is over; this is the real deal. We started early today as we still had some sail prep before we could drop the mooring. Once the sail covers were removed, the jack lines and sheets run, and the helm and rigging inspected we were off, sailing away into the sunrise. The passage to St. Kitts is not known as an easy trip as it is almost always heading directly into the trade winds and oncoming swell. The students were put through their paces on the helm, walking on the rocking deck and keeping their lunches down. The teamwork shown was inspiring, and the group really pulled together to keep spirits up and the boat moving smoothly. Tonight will be the first night passage. Hopefully, the stars and bioluminescence will be out in full force to give us a spectacular midnight show. Goodnight!