Location: Underway to Dominica

Another beautiful, sunny day on the Atlantic! Today was business as usual besides an early morning rain shower just for those of us on watch team 3. After lunch, we had deck showers, and Sam finally gave in and dyed his mustache. It now looks thicker, darker, and creepier than everthe perfect stache for the captain of these crazy mo boys. Showers were accompanied by my favorite time of the day; tanning time. Then classes, PSCT and Marine Biology reviews followed by Tom’s excellent How to Make a Burrito presentation. Classes are starting to wrap up, so there is a lot of last-minute work coming up that we hope to finish while we’re still underway because our time in the Caribbean is going to be jammed packed! More good news, under 700 miles to go! WOOHOO! set date:2012-11-27