Location: Underway to Dominica

As we near our 400 nm shore mark, the excitement on the boat is slowly becoming palpable. People are getting more and more excited to get on land and enjoy all that Dominica has to offer, but until then, we’ve been enjoying more great days of Argo life. Today was no exception, and after a delicious lunch of soup, we all gathered on deck to enjoy Argo’s wonderful deck showers. After air-drying on top of the chart house, we headed down below to watch “Life Aquatic” for our Oceanography class, a much-appreciated break before our upcoming exam. We curled up in our blankets, enjoying what remaining snacks we had while watching what turned out to be a very bizarre but entertaining movie. After that, we had SLD, during which we played the most intense and exciting game of trivia Argo has ever seen. We were divided up into groups and then asked to answer questions about everything- ranging from music IDs to geography to science. The winners were treated to a bag of snacks- a hot commodity after 17 days at sea. After trivia, we lounged on the deck, studying for all of our end of semester work, until dinner. We’ve just finished cleanup, after some delicious pasta and Argo bread, and are now settling into our night watches, while those in PSCT take their meteorology exam. Overall, today was another wonderful day on Argo! It’s hard to believe there are so few of these days left! 400 miles to go! Also, today is the next to the last day of Movember, so don’t forget to Monate to team Argo!! set date:2012-11-29