Location: underway

As the sun rose this morning, the sky cleared, giving way to soft blue and fluffy white clouds. Expectations were high because we were supposed to hit the trade winds; we were all very anxious to turn off the motor and set the sails. As the morning progressed, the breeze picked up, and so did our spirits. By lunchtime, we were under sail, cruising along at a solid pace. During MTE and PSCT, we learned about VHF radio operation and, of course, went over class time with Boomer once again. After class, we hung out on the chart house and in the cockpit doing crossword puzzles and talking. At some point around dinner, we realized that what we thought were the trade winds were nothing more than a fleeting breeze; we still had a few more degrees of latitude to go before we hit the true winds. But the squeeze was fun, and the sunset was beautiful, so the day ended as well as it began.