Location: Bali

This day is the last of our long passage to Bali. It’s exciting and sad at the same time to know we’ll arrive at our destination during the late afternoon. Exciting to see land again after days of 360-degree ocean views and sad to leave that calm, impressive environment again to face civilization. Living with the watch schedule has become routine, and everything is going smooth. The sea is calm, nearly no wind, and we are motoring at a good speed, and we expect an early arrival in Bali. However, nothing is set when on the ocean, which we learn right after lunch: light waves and a strong current reduce our speed to 50%, questioning our arrival before dark.

Nevertheless, we suspend watches and start BA (boat appreciation). As we have already some practice, everyone gives 100% effort, and we finish ahead of schedule – though we encounter an amazing interruption: 50-100 dolphins are suddenly all around the boat, swimming and jumping around us as to welcome us to Indonesia and Bali! This really makes a great story! About the same time, the current becomes weaker, and we speed up, allowing us time to arrive in Bali nearly on schedule. It is still a long way through the harbor area, which allows us to get a good impression of the surroundings. We drop anchor and cover the sails in order to have dinner. Then again, a change in plans. Simon learns that we will be on the dock from the harbor officials. Anchor up again, getting dock lines and fenders ready, and there we go. Arriving at the dock, it seems impossible to fit in our assigned spot – but Simon handles this challenge impressively. Finally, we really are at our destination. After the squeeze, dinner, and a class in OCB about sharks, everyone is happy to get some sleep, actually 90 minutes more than normal as we are in a different time zone now.

Looking forward to getting ashore the next day when we are cleared from quarantine.