Location: Cape Town, South Africa

There’s no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue; there’s no joy in merely doing things that anyone can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take when you reach a destination that you thought you’d never make.

– Spirella

Today was not only a momentous day but also quite a sad one as well. Watch team two started our day at midnight when we took the deck for our final watch of the semester. It was quite an amazing four hours and a great way to end it. We saw the moon set as a deep orange color, then watched as millions of stars became visible, not to mention there were amazing bioluminescent in the water. We chatted for hours about our time on Argo and how amazing it was that we were actually about to be in Cape Town and the distance we had traveled. It was sixty days ago – my first time being skipper, and it was departure day from Bali when we first entered the Indian Ocean, and then thirty days ago, we were departing Mauritius for the final long leg of the trip. On our last hour of watch, the lighthouse on Cape Point came closer, and the mountains of Cape Town were visible through the backscatter of light. It was an amazing view and realization during the last few minutes of our watch as we changed course and had officially rounded the Cape of Good Hope. About an hour later, as the sun began to rise, many students were woken up to come and witness the beautiful scenery. Talk about speechless.

As we were getting closer to the city, we were greeted by seals frolicking in the water, hang gliders soaring through the sky, and an amazing view of the city along the water and the mountains all above – A great mixture of urban and nature. As we prepared our lines, got our fenders in hand, and at the ready, a lull sort of came over Argo as everyone realized it would be the final stop and the last time they would feel Argo moving through the water. Once we were set on the dock with sails flaked, sail covers on, and tarps up, we enjoyed a delicious lunch. At lunch, we discussed the boat appreciation that would take place today, which would be more than usual but would take a load off the mega BA that will be in a few days. We broke out into smaller teams for specific jobs ranging from washing and waxing the hull, taking everything out of the laz and organizing it all, cleaning the grey water tank, taking out all of the food in the cubbies, and organizing it all plus so much more. It was a great day where everyone was working so hard together to get the jobs done. It was amazing to see the team we have formed in the past few months. After a few hours of working hard, we all enjoyed chili, cornbread, cake, and the surprise that there would be a night out tonight to reward everyone for their accomplishments and all of their hard work! This group of students has been absolutely amazing, and it will be a sad day on day 90 when they depart Argo, as next semester, students will have big shoes to fill!