Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Currently typing this with blistered hands since today on Argo, we had our first day of real sailing!! Fueled by crepes made by Tim (who, turns out, is not just a captain but a cook too) and energized by my wake up song (making luv to the beat, accompanied by a 7 am dance party–obviously), we were ready for a long day of learning and sweating–both the real kind and the sailing kind. As soon as breakfast clean up was done, we got Argo’s sails up–which, granted, took longer than you’d think given that sailing terminology sounds like a whole different language to most of us–we were off and sailing out of Falmouth Harbor and into what I thought was the open ocean, but was just informed that “coastal sailing” would be a more appropriate term. Regardless of what you call it, though, it was SO. COOL. The waves coming up onto Argo as we sailed through the ocean was something I don’t think any of us had experienced before. The morning went by almost too quickly and with minimal casualties–and lunchtime snuck up on us; figuring out how to serve, eat, and clean up a meal while sailing was another new experience for us all, but one that we will definitely have time to perfect on our upcoming passage to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. After lunch, it was back to sailing, this time with three of our sails up and functioning. We split up into three groups and rotated to each of the three sails, learning how to jibe at each one. This took up our whole afternoon, and by the end of the three stations, we were sore, tired, and absolutely psyched about all the sailing we will soon be doing. Once anchored back at Falmouth Harbor, we had group ocean shower and were then greeted by some rain, just in time for dinner. A slight drizzle couldn’t stop us, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and a beautiful night on deck. Following dinner and clean up we had a quick oceanography class. Overall, Day 11 here on Argo was a good one 🙂

ps. hi and I miss u to my family+friends

<3 Renee

Sunrise on Argo; Sam and Niko being deckies; dishy pit; Frankie and Una at sunset