Location: Underway to San Blas

Watch team 3 began their morning with the 8-12 watch. I woke up at 7:27 by Kirby. Our watch team complained that he was waking everyone up too early, but I disagree. The more time you have to get ready in the morning, the better. The majority of daytime watches were consumed by fishing off the stern of the boat. I had a bite during my 8-12 watch, but other than that, the seas were quiet. Miles and Kirby from watch team 2 somehow managed to destroy one of our handlines, even after my 30-minute demonstration. It’s okay, though, because we bought a second one. Hopefully, tomorrow yields more fish. The fishing gear is a game changer for a daytime watch. It goes by much faster now. Charles made cornbread and corn chowder for dinner. It was delicious. Then we did squeeze after the meal. The question was, “what animal does the person to your right look like.” I think everyone had a lot of fun with this question. Now my watch team is on watch, and im writing the blog. We just saw about 20 lights all lined up in a row floating across the sky. Aliens. Hopefully, they don’t abduct us. Everyone is totally excited to go fishing tomorrow.

I look forward to it!