Location: Honduras

Today started off as one of the most unique mornings for the Argo Crew, notably because we emerged from tents in the thick of a Honduran jungle, instead of crawling from our usual bunk accommodations. After the crew indulged their senses on a fantastic Honduran breakfast consisting of watermelon, pineapple, coffee along with scrambled eggs and fried onions and peppers, with beans and a side of fresh tortillas, the crew ventured into the wild for white water rafting. The crew first did a training course with the local guides in the river consisting of swimming upstream and safely floating back down to the rafts for lessons in proper paddling techniques. Once the training was completed, we set out for two hours of tearing down a river filled with just enough amount of danger to get the heart pumping, but always a feeling a safety to keep the laughs coming. After the rafting adventure, the students returned to the campsite for one last local meal, and then we hopped in the taxis and headed back for the ferry harbor. Upon returning to the S/Y Argo, the crew showered up and went out for a group dinner, thankfully Seamester’s treat. After a great meal, the crew was granted a night, but due to the excitement of the day, not many students made it to the midnight curfew. Although it was a unique day for the Argo crew, it ended the same; filled with fun, laughs, and good company.