Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 6, 25*00.96 N 26*35.48'W

Howdy to our friends and family! It’s been another great day here on Argo; lots of exciting vast expanses explored, very new sights, and unfamiliar faces. Of course, that was sarcasm, which in contrast of those aforementioned things, is something we’re certainly not in low supply of. Jokes aside, we have in fact had a fun and eventful day here on the Atlantic. My watch team had a fantastic morning shift, on watch from 9 am to noon. We started with bowls of cereal and finished with and excellent breakfast for lunch prepared by Mason, Fitz and Brahm. Not a bad way to start the day. I briefed the gang on what we’d be doing for the day, which lucky for me doesn’t take long when it’s essentially the same thing each day, just different classes.
We had a great MTE basic sailing crew class; we worked with charts and plotters, bearings and headings. Most of us without a doubt finished class more confident with our navigation skills. Veronica, Trixi and I got a lot of help from staff member Ben. We then had a fun OCB Marine Bio review session in preparation for the upcoming exam #3. Our teacher Jess went around and asked each student trivia questions over the chapters covered. Some of us answered with ease, some were sweating in their seats as they awaited their turn. Guess which one I was Mom and Dad.
After classes, we had our shower/free time. We enjoyed some time under the hose and in the sun. I washed my fresh new mullet compliments of Captain Kevin. Hopefully y’all at home have seen a photo. After getting squeaky clean, some busted out small rations of their stockpiled candy, some watched TV shows downloaded before leaving port, some just napped in the sun.
Head chef Mason and his team got to work on their rice and curry meal for the night, and soon enough it was sitting on the chart house ready to be served. We squeezed, we ate, and we started getting ready to clean up after the meal when suddenly we all turned to Paulo shouting, ‘Whale!’ Some turned in excitement or confusion asking ‘what?’ For those unsure Somers was kind enough to bellow ‘WHAAAALE!!!’ Sure enough, we saw a lone whale out here in the middle of this great big liquid desert. It was great way to end the day. As I sit here writing this at 7:40 pm boat time, my eyelids feel heavy and my mind turns to planning when I ought to stop watching South Park or movies with Greg, Paulo, Sam, Maddie and Emma tonight and go to bed so I can be on schedule and rested through watch and the days to come.
Funny how I started writing this blog entry, thinking I’d have nothing to write and I’ve gotten plenty of content. I think it has to do with this crew. Even in the middle of the ocean, doing the same thing; this crew has long days full of laughs and learning.